[RKPrime] Scarlet (Homework And Cocksucking)

Cutie pie Scarlet comes back home after a long school day. The Spanish speaking hottie finds her father doing some renovations in her with a hot hunk, Alberto Blanco. As soon as ’s gone, the lusty schoolgirl looks at the guy’s butt as he’s up on a ladder working on her bedroom window. Scarlet’s aroused and can’t help herself. She starts masturbating right beside the oblivious handyman. The tables turn as he finally realizes what the nasty girl is up to. Alberto sneakily films her, but she’s not dumb either. She turns to his phone and poses for him. Alberto worries about the dad, but Scarlet doubles down on the tease. She convinces her prey to climb down his ladder and join her for some steamy action. She starts by blowing the guy’s cock, taking it in as much as she can, almost gagging on the meat. Alberto strips her and fucks her between the boobs. His cock longs for some place warmer though, and Scarlet turns around so it can find shelter in her tight pussy. The man alternates between banging and licking the slut’s hole. Scarlet has to put her hands over her so her father doesn’t hear her moans. She even has to bite in her uniform tie to stop herself from letting out loud gasps. After the intense pounding session, Scarlet gets on her knees and swallows Alberto’s load. Needless to say the father walks in on the guilty couple and freaks out.

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