[Realitykings] Gabbie Carter, LaSirena69 (I Fucked Your Boyfriend To Make You Mad)

Quinton James has one of the prettiest girlfriends in town. He’s a lucky guy, right? Well, the sexy comes with a mean roommate. claims her right to laze in the living room while Quinton and dark haired La Sirena make up on the couch. “Does he like tits?” asks Gabbie, just to tease Quinton and upset La Sirena. The hides from the annoying roommate in La Sirena’s . The girl reminds Quinton how good her head is and how nice her pussy feels. Quinton bangs her until she moans. You guessed it, the moaning and the attract Gabbie like a flower attracts bees. She sneakily invites Quinton to follow her. When Quiton finds the lusty touching herself in her own bedroom, he can’t help but get hard. Gabbie gets creative with her feet, skillfully jerking Quinton’s cock. She then spread her legs so the horny guy can both taste and finger her pussy. He bangs her with might and vigor, enjoying every second of the forbidden intercourse. Gabbie is not only into play. She lets Quinton thrust his penis between her two melons. It doesn’t take long before Quinton comes all over Gabbie’s face and chest. This is when La Sirena comes in, furious. The scene ends on a jealousy fueled pillow fight between the two rival roommates.

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