[NuruMassage] Jay Taylor (Eager Beaver)

[NuruMassage] Jay Taylor (Eager Beaver) 7

Robby Echo is waiting in a massage parlor but can barely contain his excitement. When his , Jay Taylor, steps in and introduces herself, he is bursting with energy. He doesn’t NEED any introductions — his buddy already told him ALL about her and her SPECIAL massage. Although Jay is taken aback by Robby’s enthusiasm, she manages to figure out that he’s there not only for a massage but a tittyfuck! Even though she has no problems with delivering, Robby’s excitement is a bit much for her, even if he’s endearing about it. She agrees to give him the special massage as long as he remains patient for the WHOLE thing. Jay brings him into the private room and asks him to down, which he does in record . She rolls her eyes but soon strips down as well and gets to sliding. As she rubs her naked body all over Robby, pressing her heaving against him, Robby is over the moon. Jay is pleased that he’s enjoying the massage as well, although it isn’t long before he breaks and asks for more. As he gazes at her with his large, hopeful eyes, Jay finds him entirely too to resist! Robby’s erotic fantasy finally comes true as she gives him his dream tittyfuck — and then some! Robby doesn’t only come to enjoy her boobs but her pussy as well. Even though Jay found his boundless energy to be off-putting at first, it’s definitely coming in handy now!

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