[NubileFilms] Lady D (Bottoms Up)

Looking fine in a dress that’s meant to impress, puts the finishing touches on her makeup and then struts into the living room knowing she’s looking fine. When her date, Michael Fly, arrives, he pours them each a glass of bubbly. Imagine Michael’s surprise when Lady D drains her glass, takes Michael’s from his hand, and then shoves him back onto the . Crawling on top of Michael, Lady D makes it clear that she’s definitely after the pleasure that only his body can provide. Michael is already hard beneath his pants. When Lady D pops his stiffie out, there’s plenty for her to enjoy as she strokes and sucks to her heart’s content. The only thing that can distract this slim sex kitten from her favorite treat is the chance to go for a ride! Once she’s impaled on Michael’s erection, Lady D rocks her hips in a rhythm. Leaning back, she changes up the angle of penetration to hit just the right spots that leave her moaning. Then she turns around and plants her feet on Michael’s thighs. Leaning back once again, Lady D bounces up and down with Michael’s hands on her hips guiding her every movement. When Lady D is ready for a break, she falls to her side with Michael spooned her. The position is for Michael to nudge one of Lady D’s thighs up so he can slide back in. Cuddling close, Michael gives it to Lady D slow and steady to the tune of her soft moans. Things pick up again when Lady D gets on her knees with her hands on the back of the couch. Michael reenters her slick slit, then winds his hand in her hair to anchor himself in place. Dropping his hands to Lady D’s hips, Michael sets a quick pace that leaves Lady D’s entire body quivering in sensual bliss. She’s primed to as she rolls onto her back and spreads her thighs for Michael to take her home. As Lady D explodes in ecstasy, Michael keeps on pumping. Lady D’s pussy walls are quick to his climax out. Shoving deep, he gives Lady D the she’s been after since the moment she threw him down onto the couch to have her way with him.

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