[FantasyMassage] Betty Foxxx (Ass-King For Trouble)

Alex Jones is waiting for his next client when happily enters the parlor. Immediately, Alex’s eyes are drawn to Betty’s bubble , which is wonderfully accentuated because of Betty’s tight clothes. Although he wants to remain professional, Alex is clearly an ass man… When Alex greets her, he’s even more stunned when Betty insists that she wants a bolster massage. It’s just that her butt’s been really bothering her and nothing but a bolster massage will do. This only tempts Alex all the more, though he swallows and easily agrees to use a bolster, showing her to the massage room. When Betty down and drapes herself over the bolster, Alex tries to hold it together as he massages her all over. Unable to resist, his hands keep gravitating towards her butt. Each little moan and groan from Betty makes him even more lustful and it isn’t long before he mindlessly slips a finger into her butthole. Although Alex is mortified, Betty is so turned on by his attention that she encourages him to continue. Unable to believe his luck, Alex lets go of his reservations and dives in. He starts by and Betty, then finally eagerly moves onto the main event!

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