[FamilySinners] Kiara Cole (Step Daughters)

Tommy fixes the sink while his bratty step Kiara Cole struts into the wearing next to nothing. She makes fun of his house and he tells her to move out. She dumps her drink down the drain and onto his face then runs off giggling. Tommy follows, throws open her bedroom door, and backs her onto her bed. He warns her to save her childish games for her college . If she is going to flirt with him, he is going to fuck her. She is uncertain, but aroused. He starts fondling her. She gives into the sensation and tries to kiss him. He grabs her by the neck to stop her. He reminds her he is not her . He is her stepdad. Tommy shows Kiara what it means to fuck a real man. He pulls out his cock and lets her get it nice and wet before he slips it into her impossibly . He holds her down by the neck as he fucks her from . Then he pushes her legs over her head and eats her . She is so turned on that she starts to beg for his , which he delivers all over her ass.

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