[AllGirlMassage] Darcie Dolce, Sabina Rouge (Bring Your Own Bolster)

welcomes her next client to the parlor. Darcie’s brought her own bolster with her since she’s an avid fan of bolsters and wants it to be used. Sabina is surprised, and a bit offended since she feels Darcie’s implying her style of isn’t good enough, but Sabina gives a strained smile and stays professional. Sabina places the bolster on the table, giving it a brief distasteful look when Darcie isn’t looking. After Darcie gets undressed, she eagerly climbs onto the bolster. Sabina is a bit taken aback by Darcie’s being up in the air but starts the massage. Darcie clearly enjoys herself and encourages Sabina along the way. Sabina is still a touch grumpy, at first, but gradually, Sabina begins to appreciate the bolster, especially once she gets into massaging the glutes. She can’t help but stare at Darcie’s and , though she tries not to stare long. Sabina admits that it IS easier to reach some places… And having the hips raised like that IS good for the muscles… Completely loving the bolster now, Sabina flirtatiously tells Darcie that she wants to give her an even DEEPER massage and begins to trace kisses up Darcie’s leg toward her . Sabina wasn’t happy that Darcie had brought her own bolster, but she’s not complaining anymore!

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